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We Love : SHELTER Protects You


This weeks Artist feature is 
SHELTER Protects You.

On a recent trip to the USA & Mexico with my husband I became re-inspired. 

Let's rewind back 16 months to when my husband purchased me my first SHELTER purse for Christmas. I had seen the geometric purse in FRANKIE Magazine and instantly fell in like. Fast forward 16 months and we are coincidently hanging out in SHELTER's creative stomping ground in The River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

SHELTER is the creative genius of Karie and Rob ; a thoughtful design company making handbags,cabins,leatherwork and do home design.

Karie is a great lady and we really appreciated her inviting us into her studio, to discover where the magic happens. The care and thought that goes into the design of their handbags in particular is impressive - the textile fabrics were my favorite. So many options for Colour and texture.  How can you not drool over these textiles?!

.....Let's just say that I wanted ALL of them.

These bags below are part of my collection. The purse to the left was my oreginal I fell in love with & has had some great wear - to the delight of Karie- which I purchased 1.5 years ago and my new wax purse to the right.

Shelter's aesthetic is unique and a beautiful mix of old and new. Karie exclaimed how she loves hearing how much wear one of her creations gets,knowing all the hard work she's put into a piece.

We ended up re-visiting Karie as we fell in love with another bag that both Corey & I are going to use for hiking in the mountains and overnight stays. (pictured in the very top photo right hand corner).  We found it a very handy bag to travel through Mexico and back to New Zealand with as a carry on.

Thanks Karie! 

Check out SHELTER Protects You HERE !