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We Love : ALL SAINTS // New York Spring Fashion Week 2013

All Saints are one of my most absolute favourite brands, hands down.Their garments hold an air of simplicity,energy, character and quality. I first discovered this gem whilst in SoHo New York with my husband earlier this year. We noticed the store with hundreds of sewing machines lining the entrance and were enamoured with the attention to detail of the instore design of exposed brick, weathered wood and meta;an aesthetic that carried all the way through to All Saints Film Production division that I then went on to discover online, with a recent feature of Kings Of Leon. There is nothing like discovering a store that feels like the clothing was made for you! Although the items come with a price tag,its all worth its weight in gold.

Working in digital media myself, I'm always on the look out of discovering companies worldwide who are integrating digital into interesting and imaginative forms. All Saints successfuly integrate fashion and digital, communicating their brand as more then just clothing. All Saints is a culture, with its film production division utilising, "music,style and street documentaries to cutting-edge moving installations." They see their brand interacting and reflecting cultural shifts within the fashion and alternative music industries and pull it off with flair.

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Here are some of my favourite pieces from the New York Spring Fashion Week Runway:

With my personal style, I love to mix my dreamy All Saints leather biker with flowy garments to keep my outfits simple but with some character and grit.

Another thing I love about this brand is their effort to fight human trafficking and end modern slavery, launching a partnership with the International Anti-human Trafficking Group Not For Sale in late 2011. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to think outside their own world and look to better the community around them, and All Saints does well. 

I hope you enjoyed drooling over these treats from NYFW as much as I did!
Till next time..
Sarah xx