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ADVENTURE: Matakana Markets

Leather Jacket // ALL SAINTS  Stripe Tee // NEUW   Scarf // Deena & Ozzy Jeans // ALL SAINTS

Saturday started off slightly hazy with some light rain, but turned out to be a pretty nice day, regardless. I caught a really nice photo in my husbands parents garden, right when the sun started peeping out.Proceeding this,my husband and some of my family took the hour long trip up from Auckland to a cute wee township called Matakana to attend the Matakana Markets. A blossoming town yielding to the demands of the Aucklander's who just can't really wake up in the morning at their holiday home without a warm cuppa of COFFEE SUPREME.
I mean, who can really blame them?

That aside, our aim was to enjoy some time at the festive Matakana Markets. I found some beautiful Waratah flowers, ate a delicious homemade pie and enjoyed some time out of Auckland with my husband and family.
My camera conveniently decided to die half way through the visit, but these are some pearlers of the area. This town has a lot of character,especially its buildings. 

 I thought I'd include a picture of my personal style, one of my favourite outfits. I swear I usually look a lot more smiley, I guess you could say i'm prone to sun glare in the eyes!You should also take a moment to awe in wonder of my husbands amazing beard. It is glorious! On another note, I have used some beautiful photoshop curves on all my original photos in this post, that I recently got my mitts on from the wonderful I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU Blog. Love em.

Till next time..
Sarah xx