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In The Neighbourhood : LOCALS // Can for a Coffee


The word on the street right now in the neighbourhood is LOCALS.
The world first 'coffee for a can' initiative is spearheaded by Brad Robinson, Oliver Johnston and Joshua Wong, supported by Caffe L'affare. One simply turns up to the location on 13 Rose Road,Ponsonby and exchanges a can of food for a delicious coffee with all the cans donated to the Auckland City Mission. We're wondering why no-one else had thought of this earlier!

My husband and I had a great morning with the crew and were struck by everyone's huge enthusiasm for the project; not to mention super friendly and genuinely interested in the community gathering around the initiative. LOCALS was launched as a 1 month initiative and with the great success so far  fingers crossed we see more of LOCALS and may more pop up across New Zealand. Speaking with Brad Robinson, he exclaimed that there was interest as far afield as Wellington and across New Zealand.He went on further to talk about the potential of establishing the initiative in the USA as a result of the US government slashing the food stamps budget, meaning more people in need. Brad understands that the Auckland City Mission needs approximately 170,000 cans a year to feed those in need, but he feels this number might be possibly closer to 400,000.

Why not kick off your weekend right, grab a can of food that you know has been sitting there since who knows when, and help the needy whilst sipping on a delicious brew from Caffe L'affare.

Till next time...