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HOME // Around The Home

Hello lovely people!

It has seemed apt to do a post on mine & my husband's beautiful little abode, so here it is! We live in a beautifullu restored old villa (we only wish we owned it!). It is filled with light all day round and situated in a lovely suburb and as you can see in these photos the architecture is stunning. We have a dainty little loft and beautiful kauri wooden floors. Decorating our home has been a process and makes me even the more excited to own a home ( one day ) when the house prices settle down a little! 

The wall hanging of our polaroid shots from our genius Fujifilm instant camera, is one of our latest additions to the home.My husband put it up to my suprise one day when I got home from work.A few weeks ago we went with my family to the Matakana Markets,which you can view the photos HERE. We picked up some wonderful little wooden pegs from the markets that we needed to go with the twine to hang the polaroids we took mostly last summer. I'm looking forward to taking some more snaps this coming summer, it cannot come sooner! 

In usual Walden style we also have our ridiculous guitar collection, my ever growing FRANKIE collection as well as a wee mexicana inspired summer clothing collection I put together.Then there's the trusty work desk with a lovely retro lamp I inherited from my grandparents that one of our friends fixed up. I love it. Plus there's our skulls...lots of skulls! You can never have too many skulls.


Sarah xx