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In The Neighbourhood // Father Rabbit

Last weekend I had the privilege of doing a shoot of Father Rabbit Ltd in a beautiful new design store centre called 'BLOC'  that Father Rabbit has newly inhabited; a community of design focussed brands and people. BLOCS aesthetic appeal reminded me instantly of design stores I'd seen in Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City earlier this year .I feel it's a great addition to the neighbourhood, in revving up local interest in New Zealand's design community.

I stumbled across this beautiful store online and knew I had visit their new premises and luckily for me only a short drive from home and I'm there. If I had to choose one word to sum up the store and its character... that word would be dreamy. Yes, dreamy.I could spend hours in there, swooning over all the goodies and wishing I could leave with them all!

Father Rabbit is the brain child of Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson. Claudia's  interior design background was immediately evident with the instore appeal and attention to detail in the store aesthetics and it was lovely speaking with her a little about the business and seeing the Father Rabbit world her and Nick have created. 

Father Rabbit successfuly manages to turn everyday items into mouth drooling homeware desires - who ever thought someone could drool over hand towels and salad utensils?!

I especially liked the little hutt full of colour,above, featuring in its nook the 'My Tropical Princess Bird Friend' guest in residence. It contrasts nicely, separating the vibrant shades from the whites and greys of the overall design scheme and Father Rabbit Limited collection. Check out My Summer 'Must Haves ' and My Christmas Wish List # 1  for some of my favourite Father Rabbit products. They are, yes, dreamy.

Go visit! You won't regret it.

Sarah xx