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In The Neighbourhood // Deadly Ponies Guerilla Store

Upon hearing news that Deadly Ponies were opening a guerilla store in walking distance from my humble abode, I knew I had to rush in and take some snaps and become aesthetically inspired. I was not disappointed.

The guerilla store is placed inside Flotsam & Jetsam in the upstairs level, perched on the corner of Ponsonby Road,Auckland. Upon entering Flotsam & Jetsam I was greeted by Cameron, the owner of the business who very kindly offered me a flat white as I begun my shoot, the perfect way to start a Saturday,really ( I will have a special post featuring Flotsam & Jetsam soon ). Upon entering this cave of newly loved goods, i climbed the beautiful worn in stairs to find the home to Deadly Ponies lovely nook. 

I instantly loved the simplicity of it the product and the store. Light and airy.The quirkiness of the brand was well executed within the interior design and I enjoyed all the dainty wooden hanging hands that held the products in place for all to see.It's safe to say that I wanted  to purchase all of the bags right then and there. I was greeted by the ever enthusiastic Steve Joyce, one of the owners of Deadly Ponies, who had an obvious love for the business and where it is heading. He exclaimed that the stores location was strategic in gathering alongside the Ponsonby design community and connecting people within its vicinity to the brand and making it their own. After only being in the store 5 minutes, It was obvious that the brand and its owners have a strong connection with their customers. 

I figured I'd take a wee snap of myself wearing one of the bags, this has been my favourite for a long time and is definitely on the Christmas wish list.

Why not add a bit of kick and colour to accompany your daily comings and goings? Get along to the wonderful store, and have a peek at these delicious carry items - you will not be dissapointed.

Also, Deadly Ponies just recently released a new limited edition range of bags that look so unique and inviting! Check them out at