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Make :: Pinecone & Leaf Christmas Garland

I have been meaning to do this post for a while and figured I should get it out to the world so that some of you wonderful D.I.Y people can make one of these bad boys before Christmas comes!
I had a lot of fun putting this together.Firstly, I ventured into the wild to gather some pinecones with a big enough stalk at the top to wrap some twine around and at the same time grabbed long enough pine leaves to throw into the mix. I really wanted to make a decoration without spending money and am stoked that I achieve this with this D.I.Y. I ended up making a long garland to string across our lounge opening and a smaller one to hang on our mantelpiece. You can easily modify the supplies and steps below to make a mini one for yourself also.

How to make your own lovely Pinecone & Leaf Garland...

Supplies // 

7 Pinecones 

6 Pine Leaves
1 Can of Gold Spray Paint
Newspaper / sheets of paper
2.5 Metres of Twine ( to string all the individual items )
13 x 30 cm Twine for each individual item

How To Make //

Gather all the supplies and take them outside preferably onto a grassy area. Lay your newspaper on the grass, and on top of the paper spray 4 of the pinecones with the gold spray paint, making sure to get good coverage around the entire Pinecone. Next spray each alternate pine leaf gold and leave everything that has been spray painted to dry off.

Next, lay all the items out so that the gold items are interspersed with the non-spray painted pinecones and leaves. Next, cut 30cm of twine to create ties on the top of each pinecone and pine leaf, importantly leaving a gap so that the twine to hang the finished garland can loop through. Once all of the individual items have ties at the top, cut 2.5 metres of twine and slide the twine through each tie, stringing them all together. Once all the times are strung on, tie each end of the garland securely to the wall and you're done! With my version I wanted to leave a good amount of twine on either end to loosely hang on either side of the opening to our lounge and attached a golden pine leaf to the end of one of the ends to add a bit of character.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Sarah xx