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Step Inside // Norwegian Home Walk Through

I couldn't resist kicking off my first home walk through without showing these beautiful images of the inside of some Norweigan homes that I instantly fell in love with.What appeals most about this style to me is the simplicity and character that oozes, almost effortlessly. When my husband and I own a home one day, I know this style of home will definitely heavily influence my choices around interior design, space and styling. These beautiful images are sourced from decor8, definetly check out the rest of their profile online; so dreamy.

 What strikes me the most about this home above is how the place looks so uncluttered even though there are a lot of colours and decor items around the place. The key then is minimalism and colours that are easy on the eye, so that they effortlessly blend into the design space. I adore the pastels mixed in with the creams,black,mustard and brown; all very soft colours. The brown bag has to be the cutest addition and gives the room a bit more  edge;breaking up the soft feel a little.The mirror also helps to make the room appear larger.The Norwegian's definitely know how to use space well and in great style. Still drooling?Keep reading...

When I first looked at this photo above I felt transported straight into Autumn evenings wrapped up in a blanket, reading a good book with a cup of English Breakfast and wondering how I styled such a wonderful home. The character of the room embues both a rustic and modern feel without being tacky. The grey,black and white with a pop of mint green compliment the character of room and the art work fits in seamlessly in the background.

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If I've learnt a thing or two from the Norwegian's its that style doesn't mean matching  everything. Rather, it's about mixing up patterns,textiles and decor whilst keeping complimentary colour palettes to create a seamless and effortless looking home. 

Till next time...

Sarah xx