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We Love // Citta Design :: It's a Copenhagen Winter's Tale 2014


CITTA Design are onto something awesome. An Auckland based design house specialising in textile design for homeware and accessories, they recently launched their 'Winter's Tale' Winter 2014 range inspired by the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen. I am a huge huge fan of anything Scandinavian styled, so when I saw this range I knew it was love at first sight. The collection is unique because it tells a story set in a beautiful city, where the decor items come together to echo that story and style.

I love the use of blonde wood, pastel pinks and the classic black & white combo. Simplicity,bold and pastel colour palettes as well as a sense of quirk combine to make this collection work and inspire. It's refreshing and lovely to find a collection that manages to collate everything you love about desing into one pretty Copenhagen styled package. You'd be silly to not go and snap up some of these pieces before they go flying out the door!

1 //  Tulip Wool Rug
2 // Jester Serving Plate with Gold Foil
3 //  Rasmus & Mia Lunch Plate with Gold Foil set of 4
4 //  Guarida Table Lamp with Grey Metal Shade
5 //  American Oak Small Coffee Table with Daisy Lacquered Top
6 // Winter's Tale Flying Bird

Above are some of my favourite picks from this collection, aren't they just lovely?!You can snap up some of these gems HERE

Sarah xx