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Mood Board // Pretty Pastel Perfection

How about we spice up our Wednesday night with a Pretty Pastel Perfection mood board?
A running theme you may notice from a lot of my design and fashion posts is my love for anything pastel coloured. Here I've handpicked a bunch of my favourite images that feature on my Pinterest account and thought I'd do a round up here for y'all. 

One of my favourite trends at the moment regarding the use of pastel is adding in a punch of vibrancy such as using a bright block colour to really compliment the softer pastel tones. I love the pop of yellow on the top of the table legs in the image middle left, it works to keep the tone of the design fun and compliments the blonde wood. I'm currently also loving pastel lilac and purple hair, and always have! I've been toning my hair with pastel toners for about 6 years now and it's such a fun way to add a soft pop of colour to your hair. I particularly like the look bottom right with the pastel colour toned to the top and the rest of the hair maintaining a sleek silver look.Perfect!

Have a happy pastel Wednesday!

Sarah xx