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MAKE :: DIY Cactus Indoor Plant

If you follow my Instagram feed you'll be very aware of my love for indoor plants. 
My Pinterest feed was full of beautiful hand painted pots, and I got inspired to make my own. 

The picture below shows the finished DIY pot plants. Freedom Furniture kindly sent me an hourglass from their new metallics range which can been seen in the background, and everything sits on our new Mika Buffet, also from Freedom.


Dulux spraypak white spray paint
Black Resene paint
Lots of paper 
Terracotta pot
Small paintbrush
Jar of water

How to make

1 ) Take the terracotta pot outside to ensure the spray paint doesn't get on all your stuff. Spray a few layers of paint on the pot, rotating the pot to make sure that the paint spread is even. You might want to wear some rubber gloves and old clothes unless you don't mind getting a bit of paint on your hands! Keep the spray can approximately 30cm away from the pot. Leave for 30-40 minutes until dry. 

2) Spray on a few more layers for a more thicker look if you wish.

3) Set up your pots upside-down, and with a small paintbrush apply some small black dots to taste. If you want to get more creative grab a pencil with an eraser end, and cut the eraser end into a triangle shape with an X-acto blade. Dip the newly shaped eraser end into the paint and apply to the pots, creating beautiful triangles on your pot.

4) Leave to dry. If you see any paint running grab a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. I found this works a treat!

5) Buy some cactus plants from your local garden shop or ask your father-in-law to donate you some (this is what I did and look how CUTE they are!)

6) There you have it - your own adorable wee cactus indoor plants.


Sarah xx