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We Love // ELLIOTTMETAL + Interview with Gabrielle Elliott

The world of Instagram or 'the gram'  is a great and peculiar thing. A wee while back I stumbled on the Cat Woman neckpiece by Elliott Metal on the wonderful Kelly Thompsons Instagram feed and knew immediately that I must get my paws on some of her jewels quick and fast. Gabrielle Elliot's creations are minimalist in their design and are simple but striking all at the same time.The combination of jewellery plus cats is genius enough and when Gabrielle says she tends to not follow trends; she does exactly this and this quality will take her work far.

The last two photos above are of myself wearing the Cat Woman neckpiece which has now become a staple item of my wardrobe, I just love how unique it is. The silver option has been great as it goes with just about any outfit and looks even better layered with other gems. Elliott Metal is a great brand that I bet will go huge places in 2014.

So let's learn a bit more about the lady behind Elliott Metal...

1. Tell me how you came up with your brand name and personality

'Elliott' being my last name this was a given, the latter part 'Metal' I use in alternate reference to the term 'Jewelry'. My designs are a a product of simplified metal manipulation which is inspired by metals in there raw form. I appreciate and gravitate towards a minimal structure within my design which stems from not only being a rookie but also Danish masters such as Hans and Karl Hansen who's aesthetic focuses on a more fluid & metal based design.

2. What current trends are inspiring the curation of your products at present?

Always Cats. I wouldn't say there is a particular trend that pulls me. To be honest I tend to steer clear of trend based anything. people who know me well know that I get over things super fast. So to me a trend is just another page in a book to be overturned, I like the idea of my product being there for the long hall. An heirloom, classic timeless piece through simplicity of materials and design.

3. What vision do you have for your brand in say 5 years from now?

Ok so I have a massive window with a view of water. I will be working on Collection Number 13. I have stockists of Elliott in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Also I will be working part time as a tutor/mentor sharing my experiences.

4. What previous skills and knowledge did you have prior to starting ELLlOTT?

Two part time terms of night classes at Inverlochy & Workspace Studios in Wellington. And a whole life time of making stuff! My father is a plumber, step father a sailor & carpenter so I have always been around tinkering problem solvers from a very young age.

5. Are there any other product lines that you'd be interested in getting into?

Head bands, I have this really rad one that is a rose colored perspex from early 2000's I kind of stole it from my girlpal Kathryn Leah Payne. Its totally cool, super minimal thick band with a 60s vibe. I often think about how there are not enough cool understated head bands in the world.

6. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own creative business?

Baby steps. New beginnings are better than no beginnings. Trust and listen to yourself and seek the advice of others. 

7.What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day on the bench starts with coffee, 95BFM live stream & a mechanical pencil. I always try to start off my sessions creatively by reworking or pushing for new design ideas. It usually ends with the hard labour of 'finishing' which I always leave as the very last thing to be done.

8. What is one of your favourite products you're currently stocking at the moment?

Its definitely the petite duster in silver. I wear this one every day and have just started wearing one on my right fingers too. Love a twinset!

Check out her digs at Good AS Gold Store ,check her out on Instagram & her Tumblr.