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We Love // Marie Wade Illustrations + Interview with Marie

I'm stoked to post today about one of best pals Marie. We've been pals for around 8 years and I've seen her work grow from strength to strength.Last month I decided to step inside her artistic realm and take some snaps of her work,studio and the babe herself Marie! Scroll down for the snaps and the interview with the lady herself.

This gal isn't afraid to push boundaries and this is what makes Marie a real asset to the New Zealand artistic scene. Scroll down to read the interview and see why!

1// Tell me about how you first discovered your love for art and creating things.
It wasn't so much a discovery as it was always there, from a young age, teasing me to take the creative path.

2 // What type of work encompasses Marie Wade Illustrations?
It used to be abject, mysterious, gory creatures and portraits. And then they became cute and cuddly. Not sure what happened.

3 // What are some of the key things that have helped you most in the process of creativity?
Being surrounded by fellow artists during art school. Our works would start to rub off on each others subconsciously. It was a bodily, very weird, creepy corner of the studios. Life situations and music always effect creativity too.

4 // What creative mediums do you use to create your art and what medium do you most enjoy using/creating?
Watercolours, acrylic, oil, clay, faux fur, and possum. They all have their pros and cons. I am using watercolour constantly at the moment. It is very satisfying using skin-like and faux fur materials as a scuplture. They almost breathe.

5 // Are there any creative mediums that you haven't pursued yet that you would like to in the future?
Giant sculptural works. Huge wall sized paintings. They scare me, so i want to try them.

6 // What inspires you to create on a day to day basis?
It's fear driven. If I don't create daily I don't feel like myself.

7 // Who are some key artists/designers/creatives that inspire you?
Patricia Piccinini, Julia Kristeva, Martin Puryear, Beatrix Potter, Kiki Smith.

8 // What is one piece of advice that you would give to those who are considering a pathway to becoming an artist here in New Zealand?
I don't know if I'm qualified for this question, but I would say don't let anyone, even if they love you, say your dreams aren't practical. You will find a way. 

Go have a gander at Marie's work below:
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Sarah xx