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We Love // Little Lot partnering with Tales At Sea

A wee while back, Little Lot approached me to partner with them and their incredible platform that turns your smartphone and computer into tools for good.
By simply downloading the Little Lot app, you can generate a daily donation for charity that doesn't cost you a cent.

Such a great opportunity to partner with that I think every type of business and venture should think to join. You can see my wallpaper above!

The Startup Story.

Little Lot came from a little gem of an idea from Nelson: that people would give up their computer desktops as an advertising space in exchange for an ongoing charitable donation that didn't cost them anything. When Nelson shared his idea with Steve, they decided it was a project worth doing something about. And so "Donate Your Desktop" was born! (Yes, we like our new name more too).
They were joined by Dave and Bennor, and very soon we were banging out the first prototypes and starting to form the relationships to take the initiative to market. Over the next year - working nights and evenings in true startup fashion - we managed to design and build the DYD website and backend platform to serve the desktop apps, create all the supporting marketing and business collateral, partner with four prominent charities and line up our first month's worth of advertising.
We couldn't quite believe it; we were ready.

Check out Little Lot here: