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We Love // Kristina Krogh

Meet Kristina Krogh, a danish illustrator based in beautiful Copenhagen.

I stumbled across Kristina Krogh's beautiful work on Instagram just last week and have since been in such awe of how unique and aesthetically forward her work is. I first stumbled on her tasty 2015 calendar and knew it was a must have for my home. My Christmas wishlist has only gotten bigger since discovering her work! Not only that....just a few days ago she announced she's releasing some Christmas ornaments! magical as you can see in the above photo sneak peek.

What is unique about her work is the use of geometric shapes, different materials and surfaces. The combination of bold and soft, light and dark and textural materials such as ply,wood,cork and paper all blend into form a style all her own.Her new collection also heavily features gold foil prints that are on point. Top notch.

Check out her Instagram HERE and her online shop HERE.
Trust me, you'll want everything!

Sarah xx