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We Love // Juliana Parfums Co.

Last Thursday I spent the evening at the media lanch of my friend Juliana's perfume range 'Juliana Parfums Co' at Dry&Tea Britomart who are, in my mind, New Zealand's best & freshest Eco-Luxe Fragrance house.

I was treated to a wonderful hair treatment & blow wave by the wonderful team and enjoyed smelling delicious fragrances,eating wonderful treats & being a goofball in their SnapFish photobooth!

And I can honestly tell you that the fragrances are divine!The two scents Juliana has launched are Rakino Weekend, which is a unisex fragrance and Waiheke Dreams for the ladies. I LOVE both! These fragrances are ecofriendly and have such a soft but distinctive smell to them - my husband even said he prefers Waiheke Dreams to my Marc Jacobs and I'd have to agree.

The attention to detail to these fragrances is beautiful! Every fragrance comes in a bio-degradable capsule that has lovely ways of reusing them written on the bottom as well as each individual fragrance coming with its own drawstring jersey pouch. This makes it super easy and portable to take away on holiday or in your purse for a freshen up in the afternoon.This is the first fragrance I've ever seen with such a portable pouch to look after your scents.

Waiheke Dreams Scent Story:
Waiheke Dreams smells deliciously good it captures all the wonderful parts of a kiwi summer.
It smells like hokey pokey ice cream with hints of pina colada. It’s bursting top notes of fresh New Zealand summer fruits like cherries & strawberries it’s hard not to take a bite. Waiheke Dreams is the fun felt while diving thru rolling ocean waves; the scent sings a sweet embrace of native natural beauty and luxury that can be found on a Waiheke weekend getaway.

Rakino Weekend Scent Story:
Introducing RAKINO WEEKEND our cologne captures the sense of freedom and adventure felt searching across land sky and sea. This scent is classic, cool and carefully crafted to go the extra distance.
RAKINO WEEKEND is a modern 007. The fragrance, oozes sophistication of a summer well spent with it’s deep marine accords, fused with a pinch of sea grass and the cheek of good company. It’s a scent with an appetite for all things adventure.

Juliana Parfums Co has a pop up shop right now in Ponsonby Central and will be there until Christmas Eve!

Check out Juliana Parfums Co. here:

Enjoy and support local!