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Celebrate Summer // 2015 Goals + 25% off Tales At Sea Typography Prints this weekend!

Hey all you lovely folk,

Summer is well and truly here! ( thank the Lord).
The sun is shining, the beaches are glistening and all what I can think about this weekend is when I'll get a chance to have a swim!

Besides that, I wanted to celebrate the coming of a great summer with 25% off all prints in our online shop! Boom. No discount codes needed,all discounts have been applied already.
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2015 you'll see ( hopefully ) more blogging from myself as I apply my time between my day job, my blog and my typography collection. Exciting times ahead!

Here are a few 2015 goals I have for the year that are very simple:

  • Be healthy
  • Love more
  • Listen more
  • Exercise more
  • Look after myself more
  • Grow Tales At Sea into the best brand it can be
  • Read more
The list could go on...but those are important things for me!

I hope everyone is excited for the year ahead, it's going to be a good one!

Sarah xx