Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tales At Sea has opened up an online store + GIVEAWAY!

Today is an exciting day! Introducing....the Tales At Sea Typography range.

Over the last 73 days I have been participating in the 100 Days Project in which I have promised myself I'd do a typography design every day for 100 consecutive days.

Over the journey I realised how much I love type and from the feedback I'd been receiving decided to get some prints made of some of the designs.

Inpiration struck when I combined my love for hand lettering and Scandinavian design.The result: the Tales At Sea Typography Range.

You can check out my range HERE and I also have a giveaway over on my instagram.
Head on over to my instagram account HERE and enter to win a print of your choice!

Would love your feedback and the prints you're liking :)

Sarah x


  1. Hey I tried to click on the link to the shop but it's not working..

    1. Hi Josie! I recently changed some URL's around and have updated. It should be refreshed now!