Sunday, 21 December 2014

We Love // Juliana Parfums Co.

Last Thursday I spent the evening at the media lanch of my friend Juliana's perfume range 'Juliana Parfums Co' at Dry&Tea Britomart who are, in my mind, New Zealand's best & freshest Eco-Luxe Fragrance house.

I was treated to a wonderful hair treatment & blow wave by the wonderful team and enjoyed smelling delicious fragrances,eating wonderful treats & being a goofball in their SnapFish photobooth!

And I can honestly tell you that the fragrances are divine!The two scents Juliana has launched are Rakino Weekend, which is a unisex fragrance and Waiheke Dreams for the ladies. I LOVE both! These fragrances are ecofriendly and have such a soft but distinctive smell to them - my husband even said he prefers Waiheke Dreams to my Marc Jacobs and I'd have to agree.

The attention to detail to these fragrances is beautiful! Every fragrance comes in a bio-degradable capsule that has lovely ways of reusing them written on the bottom as well as each individual fragrance coming with its own drawstring jersey pouch. This makes it super easy and portable to take away on holiday or in your purse for a freshen up in the afternoon.This is the first fragrance I've ever seen with such a portable pouch to look after your scents.

Waiheke Dreams Scent Story:
Waiheke Dreams smells deliciously good it captures all the wonderful parts of a kiwi summer.
It smells like hokey pokey ice cream with hints of pina colada. It’s bursting top notes of fresh New Zealand summer fruits like cherries & strawberries it’s hard not to take a bite. Waiheke Dreams is the fun felt while diving thru rolling ocean waves; the scent sings a sweet embrace of native natural beauty and luxury that can be found on a Waiheke weekend getaway.

Rakino Weekend Scent Story:
Introducing RAKINO WEEKEND our cologne captures the sense of freedom and adventure felt searching across land sky and sea. This scent is classic, cool and carefully crafted to go the extra distance.
RAKINO WEEKEND is a modern 007. The fragrance, oozes sophistication of a summer well spent with it’s deep marine accords, fused with a pinch of sea grass and the cheek of good company. It’s a scent with an appetite for all things adventure.

Juliana Parfums Co has a pop up shop right now in Ponsonby Central and will be there until Christmas Eve!

Check out Juliana Parfums Co. here:

Enjoy and support local!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Scandinavian Love // Freedom Furniture, Kmart & Tales At Sea Typography Round Up

I thought it was about time for a round up featuring some of my favourite new products from Freedom Furniture, Kmart and some Tales At Sea Typography thrown in the mix!

Clockwise L-R
1. Freedom Furniture Academy Dining Chair in White
2. Kmart knitted ottoman (natural)
3. Tales At Sea Typography limited edition 'Joyeux Noël' print
4. Freedom Furniture Stockholm Coffee Table
5. Kmart stainless steel hammered bowl
6. Tales At Sea Typography limited edition 'Me+You' print

Scandinavian style is one of my most favourite styles and one that I am introducing into my home when I can ( rentals are tough!).Luckily our rental has beautiful kauri wooden floors, fresh white walls and checkered bathroom tiles thus the scandi style matches well. When I saw these pieces from Freedom Furniture & Kmart I knew they were a must for this round up.If you follow my Instagram account you'll see a lot of white,black and natural interior themes with a dash of pastel or copper and silver tones thrown in the mix.

Treat yo' self for Christmas and get on these!


Sarah xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

Tales At Sea Typography // Special Edition Christmas Prints

Christmas! It's just around the corner...pretty scary I know.

I was thinking about creating a special edition of Christmas Prints and have always loved the sound and the way 'Joyeux Noël' looks when written. So here it is, the 'Joyeux Noël' print that also excitedly acts as a card too that can be stuck up on a wall or framed, to bring your loved ones good tidings. For those of you that don't know, Joyeux Noël means 'Merry Christmas' in French! voila.

I have always loved the combination of red & pink as well as the combination of black and sparkles. Thus, I streamlined these combinations into these prints and couldn't be more happier with the outcome! 

I'll have a number of these prints available at the Auckland Fair on Sunday 7th December at Shed 10, so please pop by! I would love to meet you all.

Shop the special edition print HERE


Merry Christmas everyone!

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

We Love // Kristina Krogh

Meet Kristina Krogh, a danish illustrator based in beautiful Copenhagen.

I stumbled across Kristina Krogh's beautiful work on Instagram just last week and have since been in such awe of how unique and aesthetically forward her work is. I first stumbled on her tasty 2015 calendar and knew it was a must have for my home. My Christmas wishlist has only gotten bigger since discovering her work! Not only that....just a few days ago she announced she's releasing some Christmas ornaments! magical as you can see in the above photo sneak peek.

What is unique about her work is the use of geometric shapes, different materials and surfaces. The combination of bold and soft, light and dark and textural materials such as ply,wood,cork and paper all blend into form a style all her own.Her new collection also heavily features gold foil prints that are on point. Top notch.

Check out her Instagram HERE and her online shop HERE.
Trust me, you'll want everything!

Sarah xx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tales At Sea has opened up an online store + GIVEAWAY!

Today is an exciting day! Introducing....the Tales At Sea Typography range.

Over the last 73 days I have been participating in the 100 Days Project in which I have promised myself I'd do a typography design every day for 100 consecutive days.

Over the journey I realised how much I love type and from the feedback I'd been receiving decided to get some prints made of some of the designs.

Inpiration struck when I combined my love for hand lettering and Scandinavian design.The result: the Tales At Sea Typography Range.

You can check out my range HERE and I also have a giveaway over on my instagram.
Head on over to my instagram account HERE and enter to win a print of your choice!

Would love your feedback and the prints you're liking :)

Sarah x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Tales At Sea Typography // My favourite 10 from the 100 Days Project

Since we are closing in on half way through 100 Days Project I figured I'd showcase my top 10 favourite typography pieces I've done so far. I've learnt so much through this process already and can't wait to see what the next 60 days holds!

Follow my journey HERE 

Sarah xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

We Love // Curate :: Meet New Zealand's newest shopping experience

Over the past year one of my friends Nicky Walsh and her brother have been working on a pretty exciting new way for New Zealander's to shop.From my own experience of finding great items online and then the resulting frustration of not being able to see them all in one place meant that I was relieved to find someone had come to fill that gap.
Curate is a social shopping site for New Zealander's to save products found from online shops around the web and share them with the online community. On signup, members are encouraged to select a few of their interests and follow stores and people whose tastes they admire. The result is a personalised feed of products from sources curated by the user, making it easy to browse and discover new products of interest.  The feed is at the forefront of the user experience, but while the minimal and highly visual interface might resemble the look of the popular website Pinterest, Curate is fundamentally oriented toward products rather than aspirational photos. 
When a new item is saved to Curate, a product page is created which includes the available product details and a link back to the original retailers’ website where it can be purchased.  Products can be saved from any online store, but in an attempt to keep the site relevant locally, it’s only available to users in New Zealand. 
1. Tell me a bit about how Curate came about?

The idea was borne out of a frustration with the existing online shopping experience. It’s time consuming to shop around online, visiting lots of different websites to find inspiration and products. We thought it would be great if you could curate your own version of a mall online by following friends, stylists, bloggers, brands and stores that interest you to get a never-ending feed of products entirely relevant to you. Where anyone from a felt seller to a big retail brand could reach a wide audience of shoppers, effectively democratising the notion of commerce. 

2. What inspired you to start Curate

We always said that one day we’d go into business together and we were both really passionate about the idea for Curate, so we thought we'd give it a go. We worked on a prototype in our evenings and weekends - something we could use to test amongst friends. It quickly grew into something much larger, feeding off the amazing feedback and encouragement we received from friends and family. Since then we’ve never really looked back.   

3. What skills do you think have been fundamental for both yourself and Sam in getting Curate off the ground?

We’re lucky to have very complimentary skills. Sam has a strong web development background and my background is in brand, strategy and designing user experiences for mobile, web and software. We’re both really driven and willing to put in the hard-yards to create the best possible product. 

4. What are you working on at the moment?

There are so many exciting features in the works that we can’t wait to share. At the moment we’re really focussed on creating something that’s just as useful for stores as it is for our users, so we're building ways for stores to increase traffic to their website through our platform. Store owners can find out more information about this and register here.  

5. Where do you see Curate 5 years from now?

There are so many different ways Curate could grow and some exciting new technologies on the horizon. We see Curate getting smarter and more helpful for shoppers and retailers alike. We see Curate being the place where people come to be inspired, discover products and buy anything online. 

6. What business models have you guys based your business upon?

Curate is all about products, which are inherently monetisable, so there are lots of things we can do with it, right?  We’re not big into banners on the site, so the advertising will be native - promoted products and the like - ad formats are integrated into the user experience and not distracting. 

7. What has the response been like so far with Curate?

We’ve had an overwhelming number of invite requests over the past few weeks and are granting users early access when they convince three friends to sign up. Our users have added thousands of products from over 250 stores and that number is growing by the day. We’ve also had a lot of interested retailers wanting to be featured on the site. Overall the response has been really promising. 

8. If you could describe Curate in 3 words - what would they be?

Social, simple, useful.    

If you want early access to check out this exciting new way to shop,  C U R ∆ T Ɛ
You can gain early access to their pre-launch version by sharing your unique link with your friends and convincing three people to sign up. You can keep track of how many friends have signed up by re-visiting

Connect & Follow 


Enjoy and head on over!
Sarah  xx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

We Love // Little Lot partnering with Tales At Sea

A wee while back, Little Lot approached me to partner with them and their incredible platform that turns your smartphone and computer into tools for good.
By simply downloading the Little Lot app, you can generate a daily donation for charity that doesn't cost you a cent.

Such a great opportunity to partner with that I think every type of business and venture should think to join. You can see my wallpaper above!

The Startup Story.

Little Lot came from a little gem of an idea from Nelson: that people would give up their computer desktops as an advertising space in exchange for an ongoing charitable donation that didn't cost them anything. When Nelson shared his idea with Steve, they decided it was a project worth doing something about. And so "Donate Your Desktop" was born! (Yes, we like our new name more too).
They were joined by Dave and Bennor, and very soon we were banging out the first prototypes and starting to form the relationships to take the initiative to market. Over the next year - working nights and evenings in true startup fashion - we managed to design and build the DYD website and backend platform to serve the desktop apps, create all the supporting marketing and business collateral, partner with four prominent charities and line up our first month's worth of advertising.
We couldn't quite believe it; we were ready.

Check out Little Lot here:


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Step Inside // Clever Workspaces

Smart workspaces are here on the blog today.I love it when style meets functionality and these workspaces sure prove that. I especially love the red leopard print wall in the bottom image and how perfectly hidden away this nook is. It's amazing how you can utilise small spaces to great effect. I also had to throw in some pegboard into these images - i'm obsessed with this look at the moment. Enjoy and get inspired!

Sarah xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

MAKE // 100 Days Project

Today marks Day 1 of the 100 Days Project sponsored by Westpac and Design Assembly.
The project was launched by Emma Rogan in 2011. Emma says, "The project gives anyone a framework and the permission to be creative. It challenges you to dig deep into your creative reserves, to rely on your readiness to work in order to achieve creative breakthrough. It can be an end to procrastination, and the development of resilience. It takes a lot of energy, and yet the rewards can resonate for a long time after the 100th Day is over."

My entry is all focussed around producing Typography wall art designs. I am going to create one piece of typography every day and post it to my entry page.I decided I wanted to push myself and commit to creating something everyday and then observe the benefits not only of being creative but also seeing improvements in my design ability. My first entry is an ode to winter and I was pretty happy with the outcome! It was created using brush pens and was all hand lettered. Excited to see how it all progresses!

Follow my journey HERE

Sarah x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

We Love // Marie Wade Illustrations + Interview with Marie

I'm stoked to post today about one of best pals Marie. We've been pals for around 8 years and I've seen her work grow from strength to strength.Last month I decided to step inside her artistic realm and take some snaps of her work,studio and the babe herself Marie! Scroll down for the snaps and the interview with the lady herself.

This gal isn't afraid to push boundaries and this is what makes Marie a real asset to the New Zealand artistic scene. Scroll down to read the interview and see why!

1// Tell me about how you first discovered your love for art and creating things.
It wasn't so much a discovery as it was always there, from a young age, teasing me to take the creative path.

2 // What type of work encompasses Marie Wade Illustrations?
It used to be abject, mysterious, gory creatures and portraits. And then they became cute and cuddly. Not sure what happened.

3 // What are some of the key things that have helped you most in the process of creativity?
Being surrounded by fellow artists during art school. Our works would start to rub off on each others subconsciously. It was a bodily, very weird, creepy corner of the studios. Life situations and music always effect creativity too.

4 // What creative mediums do you use to create your art and what medium do you most enjoy using/creating?
Watercolours, acrylic, oil, clay, faux fur, and possum. They all have their pros and cons. I am using watercolour constantly at the moment. It is very satisfying using skin-like and faux fur materials as a scuplture. They almost breathe.

5 // Are there any creative mediums that you haven't pursued yet that you would like to in the future?
Giant sculptural works. Huge wall sized paintings. They scare me, so i want to try them.

6 // What inspires you to create on a day to day basis?
It's fear driven. If I don't create daily I don't feel like myself.

7 // Who are some key artists/designers/creatives that inspire you?
Patricia Piccinini, Julia Kristeva, Martin Puryear, Beatrix Potter, Kiki Smith.

8 // What is one piece of advice that you would give to those who are considering a pathway to becoming an artist here in New Zealand?
I don't know if I'm qualified for this question, but I would say don't let anyone, even if they love you, say your dreams aren't practical. You will find a way. 

Go have a gander at Marie's work below:
x Online Shop
x Facebook
x Instagram

Sarah xx