Monday, 23 December 2013

Make :: Gold Splatter Christmas Wrapping Paper D.I.Y



Here's another simple and fun D.I.Y that makes gift paper affordable and stylish. I had the idea for this a few days ago and am excited to share it with you. 
Kraft wrapping paper has been a long term friend of mine. It is both versatile and has a lot of aesthetic appeal to me. 
I had some gold spray paint left over from another D.I.Y project I did recently that you can view here.

Combining the rustic brown paper with splatters of gold came instantly to mind, so I got to work. As you can see from that project, I have become very fond of the colour gold! I love how it can bring life to both simple and ornate things. 

One of the greatest things about this wrapping paper project is that there isn't really a need for sellotape. I substitute the sellotape for twine which I think looks better anyway. There's  something special about adding personal touches to gifts that differs from the stock standard wrapping paper we see in stores. This D.I.Y could be used for a table runner or even hung on the wall. Hope you enjoy!

Supplies //

Kraft Wrapping Paper
Gold Spray Paint Can
Newspaper / Spare Paper
Sellotape ( if needed )

How To Make // 

1) Lay your roll of Kraft paper across a flat surface. Make sure to lay newspaper/paper underneath so that the spray paint doesn't stain the surface underneath. 

2) Spray paint splats across the paper shaking your wrist to give it a textured look. Continue until satisfied with the look.

3) Leave to dry 

4) Once dry, cut off the desired amount for your gift.

Tip: When wrapping, make neat folds and secure the package tightly with an ample amount of twine. I chose to tie the end of the twine into a bow to finish off the presentation of the gift.


Sarah xx


  1. love it! I actually have all of these supplies PLUS some white and gold twine. PERFECT. I'm totally doing this tonight. Thanks, girl.

    1. Shayla, I was so stoked to see you were going to follow this DIY & make this yourself! so awesome. Can you send me a photo of the finished product? & you're welcome miss xxx

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