Thursday, 31 October 2013

Please & Thanks // My Birthday WishList

1 // Skull Stacking Band from Meadowlark Jewellery
2 // 
LIAM Silk Tank from Ruby Boutique
3 // Mr Leopard in Black from Deadly Ponies
4 //  JUBILEE Lipstick from M.A.C Cosmetics
5 //  Loop Stripe Tee from AS Colour
6 //  Coin Pouch by Paper Plane Store

Well, my birthday has crept up like a scary ghoul on Halloween and is approaching quick and fast! So I've put together a bunch of items I've been recently swooning upon to incorporate into my personal style.I like to feature New Zealand designers and all of these items on the Birthday WishList today are just that. My picks are decadent with lot's of greys,whites and blacks in the mix.. with a spot of colour from M.A.C. Go on, have a gander. 

Sarah xx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

In The Neighbourhood // Deadly Ponies Guerilla Store

Upon hearing news that Deadly Ponies were opening a guerilla store in walking distance from my humble abode, I knew I had to rush in and take some snaps and become aesthetically inspired. I was not disappointed.

The guerilla store is placed inside Flotsam & Jetsam in the upstairs level, perched on the corner of Ponsonby Road,Auckland. Upon entering Flotsam & Jetsam I was greeted by Cameron, the owner of the business who very kindly offered me a flat white as I begun my shoot, the perfect way to start a Saturday,really ( I will have a special post featuring Flotsam & Jetsam soon ). Upon entering this cave of newly loved goods, i climbed the beautiful worn in stairs to find the home to Deadly Ponies lovely nook. 

I instantly loved the simplicity of it the product and the store. Light and airy.The quirkiness of the brand was well executed within the interior design and I enjoyed all the dainty wooden hanging hands that held the products in place for all to see.It's safe to say that I wanted  to purchase all of the bags right then and there. I was greeted by the ever enthusiastic Steve Joyce, one of the owners of Deadly Ponies, who had an obvious love for the business and where it is heading. He exclaimed that the stores location was strategic in gathering alongside the Ponsonby design community and connecting people within its vicinity to the brand and making it their own. After only being in the store 5 minutes, It was obvious that the brand and its owners have a strong connection with their customers. 

I figured I'd take a wee snap of myself wearing one of the bags, this has been my favourite for a long time and is definitely on the Christmas wish list.

Why not add a bit of kick and colour to accompany your daily comings and goings? Get along to the wonderful store, and have a peek at these delicious carry items - you will not be dissapointed.

Also, Deadly Ponies just recently released a new limited edition range of bags that look so unique and inviting! Check them out at


Monday, 14 October 2013

In The Neighbourhood // Father Rabbit

Last weekend I had the privilege of doing a shoot of Father Rabbit Ltd in a beautiful new design store centre called 'BLOC'  that Father Rabbit has newly inhabited; a community of design focussed brands and people. BLOCS aesthetic appeal reminded me instantly of design stores I'd seen in Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City earlier this year .I feel it's a great addition to the neighbourhood, in revving up local interest in New Zealand's design community.

I stumbled across this beautiful store online and knew I had visit their new premises and luckily for me only a short drive from home and I'm there. If I had to choose one word to sum up the store and its character... that word would be dreamy. Yes, dreamy.I could spend hours in there, swooning over all the goodies and wishing I could leave with them all!

Father Rabbit is the brain child of Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson. Claudia's  interior design background was immediately evident with the instore appeal and attention to detail in the store aesthetics and it was lovely speaking with her a little about the business and seeing the Father Rabbit world her and Nick have created. 

Father Rabbit successfuly manages to turn everyday items into mouth drooling homeware desires - who ever thought someone could drool over hand towels and salad utensils?!

I especially liked the little hutt full of colour,above, featuring in its nook the 'My Tropical Princess Bird Friend' guest in residence. It contrasts nicely, separating the vibrant shades from the whites and greys of the overall design scheme and Father Rabbit Limited collection. Check out My Summer 'Must Haves ' and My Christmas Wish List # 1  for some of my favourite Father Rabbit products. They are, yes, dreamy.

Go visit! You won't regret it.

Sarah xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Please & Thanks // Summer Must Haves #1

1 // Jelly Hanging Plants from The Family Company
2 //
Diamond French Blue Rug from Father Rabbit
3 // Everyday Swing from Paper Plane Store
4 // Oatmeal Tea Towel from Father Rabbit
5 // Coil Rope Bowl from Shop Horne
6 // Burgundy Vintage Blossoms Card by Rifle Paper Co. from Father Rabbit
7 // Blanket – Nova Grey from Paper Plane Store

Summer is coming so swiftly! As swiftly as the Christmas advertising I’ve seen of late. Where has this year gone? I’m not really sure myself, but what I do know is that these beautiful looking home d├ęcor items above are a MUST have for the summer. As soon as I saw the Jelly Hanging Plants I couldn’t help but swoon at how pretty they were! Style above your kitchen table or along the top of the entrance to your kitchen, for a fresh open summer feel.

Another thing I love about summer is all the fruits available and where better to store them all then in the Coil Rope Bowl from Shop Horne. I love the bold rope design and simple character it brings to any home. Prop it on the table below the beautiful hanging plants and you’re good to go. You can never go amiss from adorning your stealthy floors with a fresh new rug and in comes the Diamond French Blue rug that caught my eye instantly from Father Rabbit. Style this rug in your hallway to welcome your tired feet from a long day at the beach or simply as a throw on your couch. We all know that no kitchen is complete without a beautiful linen tea towel to make the mundane task of cleaning a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Not only this, it’s 100% linen; both functional and beautiful looking.

Match the simple and functional Everyday Swing with the gorgeous Nova Grey Blanket both from Paper Plane Store and whisk them away with you on your summer holiday to the family Bach for some fun. The swing will be the envy of the whole neighbourhood, I promise. Furthermore, I’ve always had a soft stationery spot in my heart for Rifle Paper Co. The mix of beautiful colours, artistry and simplicity is what I love about this company. How about substituting the traditional Santa Claus Christmas card that never adorns anyone’s mantelpiece for more then a week and send the Burgundy Vintage Blossoms Card instead to say seasons greetings; no one will want to take this beaut off the mantelpiece anytime soon.

Summer awaits!

Sarah xx

Friday, 4 October 2013

HOME // Around The Home

Hello lovely people!

It has seemed apt to do a post on mine & my husband's beautiful little abode, so here it is! We live in a beautifullu restored old villa (we only wish we owned it!). It is filled with light all day round and situated in a lovely suburb and as you can see in these photos the architecture is stunning. We have a dainty little loft and beautiful kauri wooden floors. Decorating our home has been a process and makes me even the more excited to own a home ( one day ) when the house prices settle down a little! 

The wall hanging of our polaroid shots from our genius Fujifilm instant camera, is one of our latest additions to the home.My husband put it up to my suprise one day when I got home from work.A few weeks ago we went with my family to the Matakana Markets,which you can view the photos HERE. We picked up some wonderful little wooden pegs from the markets that we needed to go with the twine to hang the polaroids we took mostly last summer. I'm looking forward to taking some more snaps this coming summer, it cannot come sooner! 

In usual Walden style we also have our ridiculous guitar collection, my ever growing FRANKIE collection as well as a wee mexicana inspired summer clothing collection I put together.Then there's the trusty work desk with a lovely retro lamp I inherited from my grandparents that one of our friends fixed up. I love it. Plus there's our skulls...lots of skulls! You can never have too many skulls.


Sarah xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Please & Thanks // Christmas Wish List #1

1 // Chunky Wool Knit Throw from Milo & Mitzy Blog
2 // Miners Lamp from Father Rabbit
3 // Yellow Leather Pouch from Paper Plane Store
4 // Hand Crafted Hooks from Paper Plane Store
5 // Barr Co Candle from Father Rabbit 
6 // Bowl  from Paper Plane Store

Christmas is looming....kinda scary,isn't it? Any-hoot, here are some of my favourite treasures that I have been putting on my mental wish-list. I especially love Paper Plane Store's carry section, particularly this yellow leather pouch. So simple,striking & styley.Gimme.

Enjoy & visit these wonderful stores.